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AIGNA website is under construction in preparation for relaunch later in the year. The All Ireland Gerontological Nurses Association management committee may be contacted by email on

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Presidents Address


Dr Catherine Buckley

Welcome to the website for the All Ireland Gerontological Nurses Association (AIGNA).  If you are reading this message, you are likely to have a special interest in the health and well-being of the older people in our country and in the nurses who care for them.  If this is the case, then you have come to the right place!


AIGNA is the voice of older people’s nursing throughout Ireland.  We represent nurses who work with older people across a range of settings to promote healthy ageing and the well-being of older people through excellence in gerontological nursing.  Established in 2009, we now have a growing influence on policy, strategy, research, education and practice at a national and international level.


AIGNA is focused on the advancement of gerontological nursing as a positive and dynamic career choice and we advocate for increased educational opportunities for nurses who work with older people across all sectors.  Our annual membership fee represents excellent value for money and our organisation provides a range of benefits for its members.  These include reduced rates for attendance at our annual conference and Masterclass; full access to our website which contains a variety of resources; free copies of our annual journal, JAIGNA (Journal of All Ireland Gerontological Nurses Association); opportunities for engagement in research and practice development initiatives and finally links with national and international organisations.


Florence Nightingale is quoted as saying “Unless we are making progress in our nursing every year, every month, every week, take my word for it we are going back”. Don’t let this happen to you, join AIGNA today and see what it feels like to be part of something new.


AIGNA Conference Presentations 2018 now available to view in Members Area


 An online and social media individualised support intervention for return to practice, reassigned and new to practice, nursing and allied health professionals.

A Rapid Resource Repository for Health Professionals (RRR-HP)

Authors Guidelines for submission of articles to JAIGNA

Other Conferences / Study Day's  Appear on the Events Page 

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Membership For 2019/2020 Now Available

Membership for 2019/20 Membership fees are now due by 1st April 2019 - differing membership options are available from this link.

New - Corporate Membership now available - follow this link


Corporate Members Nominate Your 4 Staff for Conference & Masterclass

If you have selected Corporate Membership for 2019/20

You need to send us details of the 4 staff members you have nominated for the Conference and Masterclass - download this form and email to us 

Corp Memb Nominate 4 Staff

AIGNA Committee Member is one of the Editors of this book

The textbook is described as an authoritative resource for nurses and other health care professionals with a comprehensive overview and analysis of self-neglect in older adults.

With an ageing global population, self-neglect is emerging as a complex problem that crosses multiple disciplines of health and social care.

Characterized by a harmful inattention to health and hygiene, self-neglect manifests in a variety of ways that health care professionals around the world need to be able to recognize and manage.  

There are 24 chapters and an extensive list of contributors  from Ireland, England, Australia, Israel, United States and Canada a, includes respected researchers, practitioners and academics from multiple health and social care disciplines  who have played a critical role in advancing research, public awareness and policy on self-neglect. 

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